Hair, Make-Up, Nails, Oh My! What Wedding Styles and Looks are Best for YOU

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Wedding Hairstyles

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is her wedding, this is why most women pay attention to even the smallest details

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is one of the most important and challenging tasks for a future bride

2012 trends

Inspire your wedding hairstyle from the following 5 top rated wedding hairstyles 2012 ideas

  1. Wedding Loose Updo Hairstyles
  2. Braids incorporated with styles
  3. Asymmetrical  Style with curls or twist
  4. Glamorous Waves
  5. High Buns
Loose Updo Hairstyle
  • Sewing Technique- we use a method with a needle and thread to design the style
  • Simple style
  • Can be a messy updo


Braids incorporated with styles
They can be added in the front or they can incorporated into the updo.

Asymmetrical Style with curls or twist

High Bun

  • Great for Tiaras or other hair accessories
  • More Glamorous look
  • Very sleek look

Glamorous Waves

  • Loose  natural waves
  • Worn – all down, one side up or half up

Styles for your Dress

Strapless- Great opportunity to wear all down or half up

Illusion neck, off the shoulder, or scoop neck offers some versatility

If the illusion part of the bodice is beaded, try a full-on updo to show off the details.

One Shoulder – full updo or asymmetrical style

Being comfortable is also important – choosing a style you feel best in is the way to go

Wedding Makeup

Makeup and Photography

Lighting affect the effects of makeup

  • You may have to wear more than you do normally
  • Matte looks help with shine in photos
  • Blending the face with the chest is essential
  • Makeup should be done more to enhance appearance as appose to current trends

Makeup Looks

  1. Natural Bride
  2. Classic Bride
  3. Evening Bride

Natural Bride

  • Light Makeup Look
  • Good for daytime or beach weddings
  • Normally wears little or no make up

Classic Bride

  • Glamorous but still romantic
  • Works well for all wedding types
  • Normally wears makeup- will be a deeper more saturated colors for wedding

Evening Bride

  • Desires more dramatic look
  • Freedom to use deeper colors
  • Lighting will be darker – easier to get away with a powerful look
  • Used to wearing makeup on a daily basis

Eyelash Extensions

  • Great alternative to mascara
  • Make you look like you have makeup on all the time
  • Opens up your eyes
  • The lashes are glues individually to your own eyelash
  • Touch ups are needed every 3-4 weeks

Working with your Stylist

  1. Make sure to look at pictures so you have an idea
  2. Pictures also help with communicating the overall look
  3. Defiantly book a trial run so you can see what you like

Here is a video to explain all this information

Sabrina LeMay

Owner of Cuttn it Loose

Bridal Hair and Makeup Expert

901 Englewood Pkwy #100

Englewood CO 80110



Maximizing the health of your scalp and hair

Healthy Scalp =Healthy Hair

Cuttn it Loose believes in a good daily regiment will give you the best condition of your hair. This is why we carry and use the Mediceuticals hair care line. If you have an unhealthy scalp it may contribute to hair loss. A healthy scalp will maximize the health, beauty and growth of your hair. Correcting recurring scalp and hair problems can help the condition of your hair. Most common disorders are dandruff, psoriasis, oily scalp, or dry scalp.

Hair is made of keratin. Hair is actually dead keratin that is pushed out from the living cells in the follicle. It has three stages in the life cycle and you can lose up to 100 strands in one day. Hair growth can slow down and thin as you age.

There are many reasons for hair loss. It can be permanent or temporary. Permanent issues come from your genes or disease. Temporary loss can come from hormones, drugs, trauma or tension from pulling on the hair too tight for long periods of time.

Mediceuticals laborites are a licensed pharmaceutical company that specializes in salon dermatology.  The line helps treat any issues you have when it comes to the health of your scalp and hair. Their lines include:

  • Scalp Therapies: formulations clinically tested and FDS approved to control board spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders
  • Healthy Hair Solutions: Repairing, protecting and maintenance of the health of hair and scalp
  • Advance Hair Restoration: Potent anti-hair loss complex that targets the primary causes of hair loss
  • For Women: Target problems unique to female scalp disorders and general hair loss.

If these are concerns of yours and want to know what you can do about this. Come to our free event. On March 28, an expert from Mediceuticals will come to Cuttn It Loose for a free analysis. She will answer all your questions you have about your health of your hair and scalp. We will diagnose, give you a free treatment and then recommend the correct at home regiment.

If you are interested please call 303-795-8240 to set up an appointment with Sylvia on March 28th from 4:30-8pm. We will have refreshments and gifts for all those that attend.


Cuttn it Loose Salon – Demos Wedding Hair/ Sewing Updo at Bridal Festival

At Cuttn it Loose we are always keeping up with the latest trends. We sew wedding up dos to give you the messy look you are seeing on the red carpet. We use a thread instead of bobby pins so its light weight and loose. All you have to do is cut the thread and the do is gone, you no longer have to pull multiple pins out. Contact us about getting your sewn up do. 303-795-8240



12 days of holiday savings

We have started the best deals of the year. Looking for a great way to save and treat yourself before the holidays! We look forward to seeing you all before the holidays! Call today for your appointment 303-795-8240

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Wine bottling for our client appreciation party

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Free kids Cuts for Englewood and Sheridan Schools

On August 14th, the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce and an Englewood based salon, Cuttn’ It Loose, are sponsoring a Cut-a-thon to provide free back-to-school haircuts for Englewood and Sheridan school students in need. In today’s tough economic conditions, families are working hard to make ends meet. The unfortunate statistic is that more than 40-60% of children in the Englewood and Sheridan School District go without a couple of meals on a daily basis and other basic needs, like haircuts, which are difficult to fit into family budgets.

For this back to school event, free haircuts will be provided to any student Pre-K through 12th grade. A food bank will also be established, anyone can donate a nonperishable food item or money in whatever denomination they see fit. All proceeds will support the milk program for kindergarten classes within Englewood/Sheridan and the food bank will support the Well-fed organization in Englewood. Well-fed provides children free and reduced breakfasts and lunches as well as healthy weekend meals for students deemed to need supplemental sources of food.
Watch us on Tom Martino!

The theme of the Cut-A-Thon is a carnival and will feature Star Wars troops, puppet shows, balloon characters, Englewood Assembly will be providing music, popcorn, ice-cream, and much more. The event will take place on Sunday, August 14, 2011 from 12-4 pm at 333 W Hampden in the Chase Bank Building North parking lot.

Did you know?

Did you know that eyebrow shape can change how your face shape looks?

Our eyebrows are important, explained simply in terms of comparing eye brows to a picture frame. When a picture is framed it looks finished and the frame brings out the beauty of the artwork. Eyebrows are just as cool.  Well-shaped brows to the face make the picture complete.  If you have 20 seconds to do something to your face, add a little color to your brows.  That’s all it takes to create a polish and defined brow.

But first we must talk about the shape and grooming of your brows before adding a little color to make a huge difference.

Eyebrow shape actually had styles over the years.  Well-shaped, moderately dark and strong, will always be timeless and beautiful. At Cuttn’ it Loose our experts can help you get the right shape and look for your face. Our certified technicians can wax away any unwanted hair. They can also give you direction on helping you get your brows back into shape weather you have waited to long to have them done or overdone them yourself.

Once your brows are nicely shaped, you should add a little color to enhance your brows, remember they “frame” your face.  Your eyebrow color can make all the difference in the world. Cuttn it Loose makeup experts can help you choose the right powder brow color from our wonderful Mirabella cosmectic line. A matte powder is the most natural looking and the easiest to use.  color that matches your natural brow color as closely as possible.

Things not to do …

Do not over pluck!  This is something you may not be able to take back. Plus thicker brows are more youthful looking. Make sure you keep those tweezers clean if you decide this is what you want to do on a regular basis.

Beware the magnifying mirror!  This is where over plucking begins.

It is very difficult to wax your own brows well, so leave it to our experts to help you create the best look for you.

Call today for your appointment! 303-795-8240 So you can frame your face the right way!

Check us out on Tom Martino show!

Watch us on the Tom Martino show. Cuttn it Loose demonstrates the sewing technique used to create classic updos for any special occasion. As a part of the Bridal Festival show we have an interactive booth where you can get a free sample of this technique on your own hair. This type of updo gives you the option of having a messy but elegant style without the heavy feel of bobby pins.

The salon took an afternoon off to tape a episode of the Martino show. It was fun for the entire staff, Check out pictures on our Facebook fan page. While you are there become a fan!
The clip of the salon is about have way through the video!

Spring is here!

Isn’t time for you to freshen up your look. We have a great way for you to add some color and shine to you hair. You can get a high gloss color without the commitment of permanent color. Our new stain glass color is just that. It gives you the shine with the beautiful color of your choice. It lasts up to 30 shampoos. Not interested in color but want the shine. Well the stain glass comes in a clear so you can have the shine without the having to have a color.

Get your hair and makeup done here for Prom

Our stylist specialize in special occasions hair and makeup. We can make you look fabulous for your big night. You will look flawless in all your pictures.

Prom is a special event that is experienced once in a lifetime. You will have tons of picutes taken of you that night so its great idea to have the professionals do your hair and makeup.

As high school students you can get your hair done for a low cost of $55 and makeup $45. This is half the price of our normal special occasion service fees.

We also do nails. You can get a manicure and pedicure for only $60. Plus add some glitter to your nails for only $10 more.

Call us today to set up an appointment to look amazing.