Did you know?

Did you know that eyebrow shape can change how your face shape looks?

Our eyebrows are important, explained simply in terms of comparing eye brows to a picture frame. When a picture is framed it looks finished and the frame brings out the beauty of the artwork. Eyebrows are just as cool.  Well-shaped brows to the face make the picture complete.  If you have 20 seconds to do something to your face, add a little color to your brows.  That’s all it takes to create a polish and defined brow.

But first we must talk about the shape and grooming of your brows before adding a little color to make a huge difference.

Eyebrow shape actually had styles over the years.  Well-shaped, moderately dark and strong, will always be timeless and beautiful. At Cuttn’ it Loose our experts can help you get the right shape and look for your face. Our certified technicians can wax away any unwanted hair. They can also give you direction on helping you get your brows back into shape weather you have waited to long to have them done or overdone them yourself.

Once your brows are nicely shaped, you should add a little color to enhance your brows, remember they “frame” your face.  Your eyebrow color can make all the difference in the world. Cuttn it Loose makeup experts can help you choose the right powder brow color from our wonderful Mirabella cosmectic line. A matte powder is the most natural looking and the easiest to use.  color that matches your natural brow color as closely as possible.

Things not to do …

Do not over pluck!  This is something you may not be able to take back. Plus thicker brows are more youthful looking. Make sure you keep those tweezers clean if you decide this is what you want to do on a regular basis.

Beware the magnifying mirror!  This is where over plucking begins.

It is very difficult to wax your own brows well, so leave it to our experts to help you create the best look for you.

Call today for your appointment! 303-795-8240 So you can frame your face the right way!

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