Hair, Make-Up, Nails, Oh My! What Wedding Styles and Looks are Best for YOU

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Wedding Hairstyles

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is her wedding, this is why most women pay attention to even the smallest details

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is one of the most important and challenging tasks for a future bride

2012 trends

Inspire your wedding hairstyle from the following 5 top rated wedding hairstyles 2012 ideas

  1. Wedding Loose Updo Hairstyles
  2. Braids incorporated with styles
  3. Asymmetrical  Style with curls or twist
  4. Glamorous Waves
  5. High Buns
Loose Updo Hairstyle
  • Sewing Technique- we use a method with a needle and thread to design the style
  • Simple style
  • Can be a messy updo


Braids incorporated with styles
They can be added in the front or they can incorporated into the updo.

Asymmetrical Style with curls or twist

High Bun

  • Great for Tiaras or other hair accessories
  • More Glamorous look
  • Very sleek look

Glamorous Waves

  • Loose  natural waves
  • Worn – all down, one side up or half up

Styles for your Dress

Strapless- Great opportunity to wear all down or half up

Illusion neck, off the shoulder, or scoop neck offers some versatility

If the illusion part of the bodice is beaded, try a full-on updo to show off the details.

One Shoulder – full updo or asymmetrical style

Being comfortable is also important – choosing a style you feel best in is the way to go

Wedding Makeup

Makeup and Photography

Lighting affect the effects of makeup

  • You may have to wear more than you do normally
  • Matte looks help with shine in photos
  • Blending the face with the chest is essential
  • Makeup should be done more to enhance appearance as appose to current trends

Makeup Looks

  1. Natural Bride
  2. Classic Bride
  3. Evening Bride

Natural Bride

  • Light Makeup Look
  • Good for daytime or beach weddings
  • Normally wears little or no make up

Classic Bride

  • Glamorous but still romantic
  • Works well for all wedding types
  • Normally wears makeup- will be a deeper more saturated colors for wedding

Evening Bride

  • Desires more dramatic look
  • Freedom to use deeper colors
  • Lighting will be darker – easier to get away with a powerful look
  • Used to wearing makeup on a daily basis

Eyelash Extensions

  • Great alternative to mascara
  • Make you look like you have makeup on all the time
  • Opens up your eyes
  • The lashes are glues individually to your own eyelash
  • Touch ups are needed every 3-4 weeks

Working with your Stylist

  1. Make sure to look at pictures so you have an idea
  2. Pictures also help with communicating the overall look
  3. Defiantly book a trial run so you can see what you like

Here is a video to explain all this information

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