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At Cuttn’ It Loose, we’re often asked about the latest beauty tips and trends, and we’re pleased to share what we know about hair, nails, and make-up.

2015 Trends

Make up

And just like that, 2014 has come to an end. A new year means a fresh start to break out of your comfort zones and try something new — and beauty is no exception. We’re looking forward to being bold this year and testing some new and exciting trends recommended by the experts. Here’s to looking and feeling beautiful in 2015!


Color everywhere

For makeup, it’s all about using rich jewel tones on your eyes with liners, shadows and mascaras. Deep navy is turning to sapphire, plums are getting a boost of amethyst hues and emerald tones are making a big statement.

Eyebrows get even bolder                

Bold brows are hotter than ever. “Robust, lush brows will be on-trend in 2015. Not only will eyebrows be fuller than in years past, they will also be a bit darker. Contrast adds femininity to the face, so a slightly darker brow against the skin is a very seductive beauty accessory.


Creamy nail colors and negative space manicures. 

2015 will see a switch from girly, shiny pink nails to more understated and sophisticated creamy or frosty colors. Another big nail trend this year will be negative space manicures. Seriously beautiful and not too flashy.



Baby Lights

In the New Year, we will start to see the the contrasting chunks of balayage transition into a softer more natural look. Fine highlights will be all the rage, enhancing a neutral base color. Inspired by the hair of a child, baby lights will soften the color of your hair while adding dimension and shine!


For years, stylists have favored long naturally blended layers, but in 2015 hair will be taking on a new shape. Shorter layers creating a soft shaggy texture are on the hair horizon, allowing for super-sleek blowouts with lots of movement and volume. This cut also supports a fun beachy texture that requires little to no styling.


In the months to come, we will witness the beginning of the reign of the updo. From braided chignons to French twists embellished with ornate accessories (as seen on European runways), we will see this look take on both formal and casual angles.

Bang Bang

Although always a classic winter look, bangs will transition into the new season in mid-2015. This fringe-y look perfectly complements the shaggy layers that will be manifesting next year and be super versatile and easily styled. Leaving your fringe on the long, shaggier side will allow you to push them over to the side as well as part them down the middle, changing your look daily.

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